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Legalise Cannabis, Argues Leading Expert

Cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, according to Professor Roger Pertwee, Britain’s leading expert on the drug. He believes that cannabis should be available for recreational use and sold with the same restrictions as those used to regulate tobacco and alcohol. Professor Pertwee proposes that a person apply for a license to purchase cannabis, be over the age of 21 and have a doctor’s approval. A government agency would regulate the drug to control the quality and safety of the products.
Last year the government declared cannabis to be …

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Euphoria is a state of mind in which there is a great sense of wellbeing. It is usually described when someone is experiencing high contentment and happiness. It usually refers to exaggerated physical and psychological state.
Natural highs such as orgasms, triumph in an achievement, or even during some religious rituals or meditation can cause euphoria. Euphoria can also be reached by taking psychoactive drugs, including legal highs such as alcohol.

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Police Ban Legal Highs at Bestival

People attending this year’s Bestival will be denied entry to the event if they try to bring legal highs onto the site, said the organisers. Any person found to be carrying a prohibited substance will be ejected if they refuse to give up the material to security staff.
Hampshire Constabulary police officers will be positioned at Bestival entrance gates to search anyone suspected of carrying drugs. They will provide amnesty bins so anyone can voluntarily surrender any controlled substances before they enter the site. Any person who is arrested on …

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Depressants are what we call substances that make the central nervous system slow down. These usually make one feel calm and relaxed. Illegal depressants include marijuana and heroin. However, there are also many legal depressants which people indulge in.
One of the most popular legal high depressants is alcohol. Beer, wine, and any other sort of alcohol are not usually considered depressants by those who take them, but they most certainly are. Alcohol works to relax the majority of those who use it. Although many consider alcohol to be good in …

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An hallucinogen is a drug that alters your conciousness, and may induce dream- or trance-like states. These are different from drugs like stimulants which only amplify normal states of conciousness.
Across the internet users have access to legal hallucinogens which boast of having similar effects to LSD or Ketamine. The only difference? While Ketamine and LSD are illegal to buy or own, the hallucinogens on the internet market are legal with some even boasting that you can take them into any country without fear of arrest.

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In our present culture, with the rush and fast-pace lifestyle we’re forced to lead, it seems that we are constantly looking for one thing: something to keep us awake. From the high powered stimulants such as cocaine to popular soft drinks and coffee, the need for legal highs drugs is in demand.
Although most people don’t realise it, the majority of all people take stimulants. These may come in the form of a morning cup of coffee or tea, or a mid-afternoon stop at the soda fountain to help keep us …